Our charges

The charges set out below are for a private instruction only. When we are acting for you under your insurance policy, we will set out our charges in your engagement letter.

We charge:

£4,000-£10,000 to pursue an unfair dismissal claim to hearing

£2,000-5,000 to pursue a wrongful dismissal claim to hearing

Our fees are calculated by reference to the hourly rate of the relevant case handlers and vary depending on the complexity of the matter

The complexity of the matter depends on factors such as:

The number of complaints brought

The type of complaint brought. For instance, discrimination or whistleblowing claims often involve additional issues that require determination by the Employment Tribunal

The amount of relevant documentary evidence

Whether there is more than one claimant or respondent whose case is being considered by the Employment Tribunal at the same time

Our hourly rates are:

Paralegal or trainee solicitor: £190 per hour

Solicitor or legal executive: £225 per hour

Partner: £276 per hour

Typically, a one-day unfair dismissal claim requires 30 hours’ work for a solicitor and we would therefore charge £6,750

Our charges above do not include VAT: this is payable in addition


These are expenses payable to other parties.

We are likely to instruct a barrister to represent you at the hearing.  The cost of this varies depending on their experience.  Typical fees for a one-day hearing are around £2,000 + VAT.

These fees must be paid in advance at least two weeks before the Employment Tribunal hearing.

Damages-based agreement

In some circumstances, we may be able to offer a damages-based agreement (DBA).  We usually charge £250, payable in advance, to assess the merits of potential claims and their value, and to advise on whether we could offer a DBA. Under the terms of a DBA, our costs would be a percentage of the compensation awarded or settlement sum reached when the case concludes, paid out of your compensation.

Disbursements such as barrister’s fees are payable in addition to our costs; these fees must be paid in advance at least two weeks before the Employment Tribunal hearing.


The typical timescale for making an Employment Tribunal claim is between six months and two years. A straightforward wages claim is likely to be concluded within six months but a complex discrimination claim, for instance, usually takes more than a year to conclude.

The key stages of the claim are:

You contact us and ask us to act for you

We advise you on the merits and value of potential claims, strategy to pursue, timescales, and funding options

We approach the other side to explore settlement

Usually within two months of initial contact, we conclude settlement for you or issue a claim in the Employment Tribunal

We receive Acknowledgement of Claim from the Employment Tribunal, Notice of Hearing and directions

If the claim is defended, we prepare a schedule of loss, exchange lists of documents, agree the bundle with the other side, prepare and exchange witness statements, and agree a list of issues

Usually within six months of issuing the claim (depending on the Employment Tribunal being used), the case is heard by the tribunal

People who carry out the work or supervise others carrying out the work

David Leslie: Partner and Employment Group Leader. He qualified as a solicitor in England and Wales in 2008

Michael Tait: Partner. He qualified as a solicitor in Scotland in 2016 and England and Wales in 2019.

Lois Watson: Senior Associate. She qualified as a solicitor in England and Wales in 2019.

Marcus Alvin: Senior Associate. He qualified as a solicitor in England and Wales in 2018.

The team also includes solicitors qualified in Scotland and in England and Wales, a CILEx member, trained paralegals specialising in employment law and trainee solicitors.