What is medical negligence?

A medical negligence claim will involve proving that a medical practitioner has been negligent and that this negligence has directly caused, or contributed to, the injury or damage you have suffered. If your claim is successful, you will usually receive financial compensation.

What is the process involved in making a medical negligence claim?

We will get the details from you, in order to gain a full picture of what has happened.

We may need your medical records and expert reports to establish if there has been negligence and how any negligence has affected you.

We may advise you as your case progresses about whether your claim may succeed.

If the evidence supports a claim, we try to reach a settlement as quickly as possible. If no settlement is reached, we begin formal proceedings through the court.

Will I have to go to court?

Very few cases proceed to trial at court. Although it cannot be guaranteed, every effort is made to settle your claim without the need to go to court.

How long will it take to resolve my case?

We strive to achieve resolution of your case as quickly as possible. However, many medical negligence claims are extremely complex, and investigations can take time. Initial investigations could take six months or more, and 18 months to two years to finalise your potential claim. In larger, more complex claims, or where your condition has not settled down, it can take considerably longer.

Will bringing a legal claim have an impact on my on-going treatment?

No. Bringing a legal claim should not have any impact upon your on-going medical treatment.

How will I fund my claim?

Legal Expenses Insurance: We have a national reputation and are the panel solicitors for many large insurance companies. If you believe you have an insurance policy that covers legal cover, please contact us for more details.

‘No win, no fee’: We offer Conditional Fee Agreements, also known as ‘no win no fee’ in suitable cases.

Public funding: We are able to offer Legal Aid in certain circumstances through our franchise with the Legal Aid Agency.