Our business have adopted four Core Values that are central to everything we do. These were developed by our People and are recognised throughout as essential values that we follow in the way that we work and the way we represent ourselves to our customers.


We will provide clear practical advice to our clients whilst remaining grounded and understanding of their needs. We will engage with our clients, our colleagues and our communities and show an ability to collaborate and support them. We will keep our people informed and involve them in the decisions of the business.


We will provide a high quality service, and deliver the right result for each individual client. We will act responsibly and work to minimise our impact on the environment and support our local communities. We will invest in our people with support, development and training.


We will think differently and use technology to improve all that we do. We will develop the way we work and the services we offer to provide a service that is different.


We will encourage diversity in our people, delivering opportunities and development to all individuals. We will provide a range of accessible services that can meet the varied needs of our clients.