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Lyons Davidson Solicitors is a full-service legal practice operating throughout the UK. We have been providing services to businesses, individuals and the insurance industry for over 40 years, in a client-friendly, cost-efficient and dynamic way.

Our innovative approach to the delivery of legal services, our people and our technology mean we are staffed by highly trained lawyers and teams who have a keen grasp of clients’ commercial objectives and complete understanding of the sectors in which they operate.

We develop effective working relationships with our clients, ensuring that decisions are made swiftly, instructions given promptly, and momentum maintained in the drive towards settlement or trial.

We use technology effectively, tailoring our systems to clients’ own products and requirements. This lets us share data easily and creates a seamless interface between our clients and us.

Our unique combination of expertise and bespoke technology results in a powerful service that can adapt to a complex and ever-changing business world.

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