Our Property Insurance Litigation Group acts for major household and commercial insurers throughout the UK, including Scotland and Northern Ireland. We recover insurers’ buildings and contents outlay from Third Parties across the full spectrum of perils, including:

•    Flood and EOW
•    Subsidence
•    Fire
•    Heave and landslip
•    Impact
•    Pollution

As well as recovering your outlay, we can also:

•    Recover your customer’s excess and other uninsured losses
•    Pursue contributions from dual and co-insurers
•    Persuade a third party to abate a nuisance (including tree removal)
•    Gain access to neighbouring land and enforce Party Walls Act procedures for your repairing contractor

We also advise insurers in policy disputes and fraudulent claims, and in pursuing sums paid to former policyholders.

Our group is well-resourced and has considerable experience of handling both high-volume, low-value recovery referrals in bulk and complex, high-value recovery claims. We enjoy the advantage of automated case-handling processes which minimise claims handler time and cost. Our service is built on a rule-managed, process-driven approach, which ensures seamless claims processing from inception to enforcement and also includes:

  • Bulk ‘closed claim’ audits to capture missed recovery opportunities
  • Proven experience in handling claims surges
  • Training on industry related issues, anti-fraud and best practice
  • Strategic litigation
  • Continuous cycle of improvement, driven by results
  • Various funding options