If you or your family experience the unthinkable, you need people you can rely on to ask questions such as “why?”, “how?” and “what do I do now?”. People who can tell you what’s what and people who will protect your best interests.

Our Fatal Injury team has helped others through the terrible aftermath of sudden road death many times. We can think and act rationally when you may not be able to, taking key steps to preserve evidence (and, with it, the possibility of making a claim).

We will advise you about whether there is an accident compensation claim to bring and what should be done. Claims can be made on behalf of deceased car drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, pedestrians or cyclists and can still be pursued, even if the incident was hit and run.

Claims for compensation may be available for:

  • Bereavement
  • Compensation for any period of survival and associated expenses incurred
  • Funeral, probate and associated expenses
  • Loss of dependency, income or services
  • Other people injured in the crash

In most cases, if your claim for an accident is successful, legal costs will be paid by the party at fault. Our team will check whether you have any insurance policies that include legal expense cover. If you do not, we also conduct many cases as a ‘no win, no fee’. Whatever the funding arrangement, you will receive 100% of your compensation.

Above all, you will know that there is someone you can lean on at all times and who will get on with the investigation. We will give you this practical help and will also put you in touch with other organisations, such as charities and therapists, to help you with your bereavement.

We are dedicated to assisting bereaved families in pursuing their claims for compensation.

We also actively support Brake, the road safety charity.