Our Recoveries division provides a comprehensive outlay recovery service for our insurer clients and uninsured loss recovery for their policyholders, where relevant. The services we offer are tailored to meet the needs of individual insurers and can be provided either at our own offices in Leeds or onsite at our insurer clients’ premises. Across the division, recoveries regularly exceed £2 million per month.

Onsite teams work alongside insurers’ own recovery teams, assisting whenever cases require litigation. Proceedings are prepared and issued by the onsite team, who retain conduct of the case until it is settled or requires enforcement, at which time it is transferred to our specialist enforcement team in Bristol.

The team in Leeds works with a number of insurers to offer different solutions. High-volume recoveries can be managed from first notification of loss or for litigation only, as required. We are able to handle large recoveries projects of up to 50,000 files and we are experienced in project-managing bulk work and processing it through to settlement.

All our teams work to service levels that comply with insurer clients’ specifications and are agreed at the start of the contract. These are continuously monitored throughout the life of a claim. Our Audit and Compliance department conducts monthly quality review audits, the results of which form part of the management information we provide. We embrace external auditing as a means of ensuring that service levels are met.

The Recoveries division’s philosophy is to maximise recovery potential and minimise recovery times. We achieve this through proactive claims handling and early litigation, where relevant. Settlement times vary depending on the type of work we undertake: where we have been asked to litigate, it is usually around three months.

We believe in transparency when it comes to providing MI and we encourage our insurer clients to collaborate with us in creating MI that is geared to their individual needs. This MI can be accessed through our extranet and run at any time. All reports provide a link from the individual result set to the file for further analysis.

We offer specialist recovery services for:

  • Credit hire
  • Breach of contract
  • Unjust enrichment cases
  • Complex accident circumstances

We can also provide bespoke onsite training on subjects that suit clients’ individual needs.

Policyholders or existing clients who have been referred by their insurer may find Notes for Guidance in relation to their claim click here.