Key services in Lyons Davidson are provided by our legal expenses insurance services teams managing claims for:

  • Motor legal expenses
  • Household legal expenses
  • Commercial legal expenses

Central to the delivery of those services is our 24/7 legal helpline that manages over 80,000 advice calls per year and services a number of insurer helplines on a sole provider basis. The helpline focuses on providing clear practical advice to help the customer come to a resolution without the need for litigation, but with the support and confidence of a legal expense solution if the matter can’t be resolved.

This practical approach has delivered clear costs savings to insurers, reduced claims levels, and improved customer resolution and lifecycles.

We are also focused on value for the customer and understand the need of our insurance partners to deliver and evidence that value. As well as delivering a litigation service within policy we always work with customers to understand what outcome they want, tailoring our approach to fit with those requirements. We also focus on delivering a service to the customer where the policy does not provide cover, either because of time limits, coverage or the stage of the issue. We work with the customer to deal with their issue, discussing other funding options where possible.

We use our technology to enhance our service, with all customers provided with access to our customer portal to deliver secure and effective online communication channel. Customers expect to have online delivery as part of any modern service and we have developed a fully functional portal that allows customers to provide instructions, information and documents to us easily.

We are working with Artificial Intelligence to start to deliver automated services when customers don’t need to speak to a case handler and want information or updates on their claim.

With the scale of service and the years of experience in this area we have developed specialist teams to focus on their area of expertise and give the best advice and representation to our customers including:

  • Catastrophic, head and spinal injury teams
  • Contract litigation
  • Employment disputes
  • Property disputes
  • Clinical negligence
  • Professional negligence
  • Probate disputes
  • Motor prosecution representation