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The 2016 Olympic Games begin on 5 August and employers may want to take time to consider the impact of this major sporting event on their business.

Some employees may have expectations of watching some events on TV or internet during working hours. Other employees may not be as interested and problems could arise if it is perceived that favouritism is being shown to those employees with an interest in sporting events. It is therefore a good time for employers to make it clear exactly what they expect from their employees during this period.

Flexible working arrangements

Flexible working is a great solution to allow employees to take time out to watch events but to ensure that the business does not suffer. Even if a business does not currently allow flexible working, it could be implemented on a short-term basis.

Employers may consider banning streaming or viewing coverage online, as it may impact upon employees’ productivity. However, it may be worth making special provisions in advance for the most popular sporting events; for example, a TV could be set up to allow staff to watch events together.

Taking time out now to consider the impact of the Olympics on a business can both ensure that employees enjoy the games and that business needs are met.

Lyons Davidson’s employment teams are happy to provide advice on how the Olympic Games can affect working arrangements or any other employment matters. For more information, please contact 0117 904 6000 or emailing [email protected]