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Last Thursday (12 September) was Cycle to Work Day 2013 and Lyons Davidson offices around the country took part, with staff getting on their bikes and travelling to work on two wheels.

In Bristol, the Cycling Accident Claims team organised a breakfast for those commuting by bike. There was information available about the Bristol Cycling Manifesto and Lyons Davidson’s links with Sustrans, the sustainable transport charity based in the city, for those who wanted more information. Lyons Davidson’s HR department was also present to talk to those interested in Cyclescheme, Lyons Davidson’s bike to work provider. Despite the rain, staff cycled in from areas in and around Bristol and made use of the facilities provided by the company. Tabitha Rooks said ‘Unlike many offices in Bristol we have a safe and secure bike storage area, which means I do not have to worry about my bike during the day.’

The Leeds team were grateful for a sunny Cycle to Work Day for their rides in.  Jordan Finney says of the day: ‘It wakes you up in the morning and stops you getting held up in the traffic jams.’ David Leslie added: ‘All my bike needs is a cup holder for my coffee and it would be perfect!’  The team rode between three and ten miles to work, making use of Leeds cycle lanes to dodge through the city centre congestion, and using the shower facilities at the end of the journey.  Several members of staff said they plan to make use of the Lyons Davidson Cyclescheme to purchase new bikes this year.

In New Malden, the Meruit team’s Green rep, Ravi Bhamra, occasional cyclist Ben Lim and die-hard cyclist Bill Herbert hosted a breakfast for cyclists and all those interested in cycling. Although it came the day after a torrential storm, there was a good turn out of people tucking into healthy food and learning about the benefits of cycling to work.

Ben’s bike was on display: he purchased it through the Cyclescheme, saving up to 42% on the bike and all the accessories that went with it. There was also an iPad allowing potential cyclists to explore distances and how they might make journeys to work by bike. It turned out that some people’s journey would take the same time – if not less, when London rush-hour traffic was taken into account. Tips for the first commute to work on a bike and useful websites and apps about all things cycling were also handed out to all those present.

Overall, Lyons Davidson’s Cycle to Work Day 2013 was a resounding success and we look forward to future events in all of the offices.