Cycling accidents

Increasing numbers of people are using bicycles for commuting and leisure. Whether you commute on a daily basis, take part in competitions or just cycle for fun at the weekend, we can help if you are unfortunate enough to have an accident.

Being involved in an accident on your bike is frustrating enough, without the hassle of dealing with the financial implications and recovering from the injuries that you may have sustained.

At Lyons Davidson, we have a specialist team dedicated to dealing with claims on behalf of cyclists injured in accidents. Cyclists have as many rights following an accident as car drivers and pedestrians who have been involved in a road traffic accident but their claims require solicitors who are knowledgeable about and sympathetic to the additional requirements that cyclists have.

Bicycle and road bike accident claims

Our team is made up of keen cyclists and experienced injury lawyers. We can help you obtain compensation for:

  • Your injuries
  • Cost of repairing or replacing bicycle, helmet, lights, other accessories and clothing that were damaged
  • Any loss of earnings you have suffered
  • Cost of physiotherapy or other medical treatment
  • Travel costs for visiting your doctor, hospital or for treatment
  • Additional travel costs from using public transport or having to drive to work
  • Cost of prescriptions and other medication

We can pursue RTA claims against:

  • Car drivers
  • Bus companies
  • Other cyclists
  • Pedestrians, provided they have insurance

If the person who caused your accident does not have insurance or did not stop after the collision, you may still be able to pursue a claim through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau in certain circumstances or you may be able to pursue the individual directly.

We can also advise you on a claim if you were injured because of a known or reported defect with your bicycle, as well as accidents caused by debris on the road or as a result of poorly maintained roads.

Cyclists are more vulnerable than other road users, and the injuries sustained can be more serious and have a debilitating effect on daily activities. We have a wealth of experience of dealing with all types of injuries, including broken bones, head injuries and soft-tissue injuries, as well as psychological trauma. We can also arrange treatment for you and include the cost of this in your claim against the person who was responsible.

Once we have investigated your claim thoroughly and liability has been admitted by the responsible party’s insurers, we can ask for an interim payment. This means you will not be left out of pocket by having to drive, park or get public transport to work. It may also enable you to replace your bike as soon as possible.

We take cases on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. This means that our legal costs are paid by the responsible party’s insurers.

Whatever type of cyclist you are, we can cater for your needs. If you have been injured while on your bike and you think that you might have a claim, contact us for a free initial consultation and advice. Email us or telephone 0330 0539 411.

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