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Image of Karen Maher

Civil Litigation Senior Manager/Partner

Email: [email protected]
Direct dial: 0300 373 7872

Karen studied at Cardiff University and began practising law in 2001. Since qualifying as a solicitor in 2003, she has worked exclusively in litigation with an emphasis on property litigation. She joined Lyons Davidson in 2007 and is now a Partner/Senior Manager and Group Leader of the Property Disputes team. The team specialises in all aspects of property litigation, including claims for damage caused to property, boundary disputes, disputed easement and covenant claims, as well as commercial property disputes. The team comprises more than 20 lawyers, and has extensive experience and expertise in complex legal issues. As the team exclusively practises in this area, it is well placed to advise on the best way to settle matters, the tactics to employ to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome and, if court proceedings prove necessary, the likely approach of a court to the dispute in hand.