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We are all slowly getting used to the depressing reality of the autumn change to the clocks, which not only signals impending winter but also puts vulnerable road users even more at risk. 

Putting the clocks back an hour, as we did at the end of October, will have a large impact on road safety, since those of us who cycle to work or walk anywhere in the late afternoon will be at greater danger of being in a road accident, because we are harder to spot. We can wear high-visibility clothing and we can make sure that we have good, sensible lighting on our bikes but the change in hours still increases the risk.

Road safety

That’s why the road safety charity Brake is taking part in the Lighter Later campaign. It aims to convince the government that we should put the clocks forward one hour all year round, so that we are on GMT +2 in summer and GMT + 1 in winter. This would not only mean that we get more daylight waking hours but, it is estimated, it would mean 80 fewer deaths and hundreds fewer serious injuries on the road every year. This is aside from cutting Co2 pollution by 447, 000 tonnes and saving money on domestic lighting bills.

Lyons Davidson is proud to support Brake. If you would like to find out more or sign the petition, visit the Lighter Later website.

For more information on cyclists’ road safety or if you have been injured while on your bike and you think that you might have a claim, contact our Cycle Accidents team for a free initial consultation and advice: [email protected] or telephone 0330 0539 411.