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Spring is Pothole Season. In places that snow and ice have dominated the winter months, the spring thaw can cause dangerous potholes. Avoid them if you can, but if you can’t, don’t brake while travelling over them. Slow down, release the brake before impact and go over the pothole. Braking causes your tyre to slam into the edge of the pothole with more force than if you were rolling over the hole.

British Summer Time

The change to British Summer Time means that driving to work on a sunny morning can be difficult if your windscreen is dirty or in poor condition. Make sure your wipers and washer bottle are working and take extra care – especially at junctions – where other drivers could be affected and may not be able to see you. If in doubt, slow down.

Worn tyres

When giving the car a clean or filling up with petrol, just have a walk around and check your tyre tread and pressures. The spring showers can be heavy, so keeping the only car contact with the road in good condition is really important for your own safety, that of your passengers or other road users. If you have an elderly relative who can’t check their tyres, then perhaps offer this help to them, especially if they transport your children for you.


Don’t be caught out, the weather can change quickly and hail or sleet may affect some small areas and not others. Choosing the right speed for the conditions is essential for your safety and that of everyone else. If in doubt, slow down.
Driving distances

The distance you choose to travel behind the vehicle in front is of critical importance and, if you anticipate the traffic conditions ahead, you can avoid collisions caused by someone else’s bad driving. Better to say ‘I had a near miss’ than to say ‘It wasn’t my fault!’

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