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What Ancient Greece did for us…

Did you know that along with founding the Olympic games, Ancient Greece is also thought to be the birthplace of physiotherapy.

Hippocrates and Galenus, a Greek Physician, Surgeon and Philosopher, are believed to have promoted massage, manual therapy and hydrotherapy to treat people in 460 BC.

The ancient Olympic games began as a one day event when in 684 BC they were extended to a three day event.  Competitions existed for long jump, javelin, shot put, running, boxing, pankration (a type of wresting and boxing) as well as equestrian events.

Meanwhile, during the modern Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020,we have marvelled at athletes participating in 339 events, many of whom have commented on the support they have received, especially through injury and ill health, and given special thanks to physiotherapists and medical staff.

Many different types of athletes are susceptible to suffering whiplash type injuries due to factors like G force, vibrations and ‘repeated position exposure’.

Just like any sportsperson, every individual, irrespective of their background or walk of life, can be assessed by  therapist with an understanding of the nature of their injury and how intervention and treatment can be of benefit to them.

Treatment providers aim to recognise the goals our clients want to achieve, including reduction of pain and muscle tension, improving their range of movement and quality of life.

Early management and rehabilitation are an essential part of our clients journey within their personal injury claim, and in line with the Rehabilitation Code, Lyons Davidson can make referrals for treatment at the outset of a suitable claim.

As claims progress and needs can change, we are able to respond to referrals for other services, such as chiropractic treatment, osteopath treatment, psychological services, radiological scans and pain management investigations.

We may not all be Olympians, modern or ancient, but we can recognise how important rehabilitation is, and thank Ancient Greece for what they did for us.