Head and spinal injury claims: legal costs

Initial conversations with our solicitors are free, so please pick up the telephone to ask questions. We may be able to give you an assessment of your prospects of success over the phone.

Many people are understandably concerned about running up significant legal costs when making a claim for a head or spinal injury. We understand this and will talk to you about costs clearly from the outset. The good news is that if your claim is successful, your opponent will be responsible for paying your reasonable legal costs.

Lyons Davidson has a national reputation for insurance litigation and is on the panel of many of the leading legal expenses insurers. You may already have the benefit of legal expenses insurance to cover the legal costs of your claim. We will check your household insurance and other policies to see if you have any suitable cover. If you do not have insurance to cover the legal costs of the claim, a ‘no win, no fee’ arrangement may be the best option for you. We conduct many personal injury cases on this basis and find this works well for our clients. We will explain what is involved and will arrange an insurance policy for you to cover the other side’s legal costs in case the claim is not successful.

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