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This month we remember those killed and injured in collisions on our roads. National Road Victim Month is an annual event organised by the charity RoadPeace. The first person to be killed by a motor vehicle was Bridget Driscoll in August 1896. Staggeringly well over half a million people have since died on Britain’s roads.  August was also the month that Princess Diana sadly lost her life in a road traffic collision in 1997. Following this tragic event RoadPeace was created and they continue to raise awareness on the injustice that crash victim’s face as well as remembering loved ones killed on the road. Unfortunately it still remains the case that five people are killed every day on Britain’s roads and over sixty are seriously injured.

In addition to honouring people that have been killed or injured on our roads it is important to also raise awareness and to make our roads safer and to provide support to the victims.

At Lyons Davidson we are committed to supporting those that have been tragically killed or seriously injured in a road traffic collision. Our fatal injury team is only too aware of the devastating impact that fatal collisions have on families and loved ones. Nothing can prepare people for these tragic collisions and the devastating impact they have so our specialist team is able to take the pressure off those bereaved families.

We have helped others through the terrible aftermath of sudden road death many times through representing bereaved families. Our fatal injury team helps families to claim compensation and access various support services. This compensation can provide financial support in the form of the recovery of the bereavement award, funeral costs, probate and associated expenses and substituting the financial and services support that the deceased used to provide.

We also provide support, information and assistance to bereaved families surrounding all aspects of an Inquest.  We also arrange private bereavement counseling, which many people rely on during these difficult times.

The RoadPeace Wood was planted at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire, in memory of all those who have been killed on our roads. Every August a ceremony of remembrance is held at Roadpeace Wood. This year the event will be held online on 14th August 2021. Please visit the RoadPeace Website for further details and ways to get involved during National Road Victim Month.