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Lyons Davidson’s Green Week 2017

From 18 to 22 September, we will be holding our annual Green Week, seven days dedicated to raising awareness of the impact we have on the environment, our environmental goals and achievements as a business, as well as providing an opportunity to share tips, ideas and answers to how we can all keep our environment healthy.

Environmental impact

Throughout Green Week, there will be articles and resources shared with staff on Lyons Davidson’s intranet from different departments. There will be a different focus every day, so that everyone can find a way to support the environment – including a Travel Survey, which we conduct each year to improve the sustainability of our business travel and commutes. Small personal actions can have a big consequences, so everyone is invited to share their stories about the changes they are making for Green Week on the Green Office Forum.

Fair trade

Another key part of the initiative is Green Week pledges. We are asking individuals, groups and teams to share their pledges for the week. A pledge can be anything green, for example:

  • ‘I will not use disposable coffee cups’;
  • ‘I will cycle to work instead taking the car’;
  • ‘I will swap one of my lunch items for a Fairtrade item’; or
  • ‘I won’t buy a plastic bottle of water’.

Energy consumption

We are also encouraging everyone to share suggestions for protecting the environment at work, at home or on the go, such as ways of cutting energy, water or gas consumption or reducing food waste.

For more information on Green Week or on Lyons Davidson’s environmental commitments in general, contact our Environmental Management Systems Co-ordinator Clive Croal by email or by phone on 0117 394 5060.

Posted on Sep 18th, 2017 by Lyons Davidson