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Lyons Davidson’s core values are communication, commitment, accessibility and innovation. In the first of a series of articles, we explain why the first core value on this list – communication – is central to our business and the way we work.

Communication means having a voice. It leads to the exchange and sharing of information, which in turn leads to bonding and building relationships: between the company and clients, and between colleagues. Ultimately, good communication leads to good service, which in turn is good for Lyons Davidson as a business, as it lead sto the effective referral of new clients.

Working together

How does communication affect us? If communication is lacking, members of an organisation can often feel undervalued, demotivated or under-skilled. Effective communication boosts morale within an organisation makes everyone work together, each an important cog in the overall strategy of the company.

In Lyons Davidson, we show our commitment to communication by having the right culture and goal of achieving effective communication. This involves the ability to share knowledge, keeping all stakeholders informed through updates. We also have a communications working party that discusses key issues that arise and strives to improve communications on every level.

Effective communication is always about choosing the right method for the message and in a way that is consistent, regular and takes into account all employees.