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Recent changes in the legal profession and higher education system have led to a review of the methods of entry to the profession and the recognition of the need for a fresh approach. The new Level 4 Legal Apprenticeship, which launched in 2013, is just that: a programme that enables people to start their careers in law without the university and other related tuition fees usually associated with the path to qualifying as a solicitor.

Earn while you learn

Instead of accruing debt, this route allows students to earn alongside their study, thereby opening up a career in law to some who may have struggled to stay in full-time education.

A new generation of legal professionals will now have the opportunity to pursue a career in law through working within the industry, gaining essential hands-on experience and the practical skills to drive them towards success in the field.

At Lyons Davidson, we have consistently proven that we embrace change and continue to adapt to the shifting legal landscape. In more recent years, we have demonstrated our ability to adapt and succeed by introducing an ABS structure with major insurer clients to respond to the changes in the market.

We have been at the forefront of the development of the legal apprentices programme in England, Wales and Scotland, and we are pleased that our first legal apprentice has been officially welcomed to the company. Our pioneer is finding his feet well in his new job, gaining both career-specific and life skills, as well as taking part in lectures and classroom study.

Our apprentice Luke Williams, based in Lyons Davidson’s Cardiff office as part of the Welsh Apprenticeship pilot programme, says: “The apprenticeship with Lyons Davidson is giving me a great start to my career; the study complements my work and vice versa, and the support from my supervisor and colleagues has made a real difference. I had a place secured at university but chose this route instead. I know I made the right decision and would recommend it to anyone who wants to increase their potential.”

Skills for Justice

For Lyons Davidson, this exciting venture would not have been possible without the partnerships established with Skills for Justice and the training providers who have joined us on this journey of change that will revolutionise the industry. It is inspiring to see that college and sixth-form leavers now have more than one option when they want to start a career in law, and that we have been a part of making that happen.

This is a very exciting adventure for Lyons Davidson and our apprentice! An adventure that has only just begun…

For more information about becoming a legal apprentice or about law careers in general visit the Lyons Davidson Law Careers pages or email [email protected].