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The Directors of Lyons Davidson Limited are pleased to announce the following new appointments:

Hannah Boynes, Lucy Swanton, Emma Whysall, Jessica Wignall (Advocacy); Joe Marsden, Ian Spencer (Civil); Oliver Marsh, Tabitha Rooks (Claimant Specialist); Chris James, Sandip Sidhu (Defendant); Simon Gale, Jade Oliver (Corporate); Sarah Bonner, Richard Forbes; Victoria MacDonald (Meruit); Kate Atkins (Private Client); Gemma Fletcher; Nicola Margrave (Recoveries) have all been appointed Associate.

Michael Hickey (Civil) has been appointed Senior Associate.

Elizabeth Bruce (Family) and Mishka Simpson (First Response) have both been appointed Principal Associate.

Michael Greybanks (Compliance) has been appointed Senior Manager.

At Lyons Davidson Scotland LLP, Caroline Tait has been appointed Senior Associate.

Congratulations to the new appointees. The Directors wish them all continued success in their roles.