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This autumn, a group of international child abduction lawyers, including Lyons Davidson’s Head of Family department Philippa Morgan, held the first meeting of the Child Abduction Lawyers Association (CALA).

CALA was set up as a hub for the growing numbers of child abduction specialists around the UK to swap ideas and exchange information, as well as receive training and network. Previously, only unofficial groups had served this function and it seemed a natural time to establish a formal association. CALA will also give one, united voice to child abduction lawyers to speak to the public and address government. The inaugural meeting was held on 11 September in Bloomsbury, London.

Karan Chadha of Freemans Solicitors is CALA’s General Co-ordinator; Helen Blackburn of IFLG Solicitors is treasurer; Peter Martin (of OGR Stock Denton LLP is policy officer; while Lyons Davidson’s own Head of the Family Law department is events co-ordinator.

CALA welcomes family lawyers from all specialisms nationwide. Another meeting will be held on 11 March 2015; look out for more information about CALA events and developments on this website in the future.

For information about CALA, contact Karan Chadha at [email protected].

For information about child abduction or about family law issues in general, contact Philippa Morgan by emailing [email protected] or phone 0117 904 5923.