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Divorce is never a happy event and while it is something experienced by many people, it would be a rare person who wouldn’t have preferred not to go through the experience (however happy they were with the decision to split in the first place). When considering different ways to avoid getting divorced at all, one of the facts you might need to take into account is where you live.

Some research into trends in divorce revealed a very surprising fact; that if you live by the sea in the UK you are more likely to get divorced. The top city for divorce in England and Wales in 2015 was Blackpool with a 13.13% divorce rate, closely followed by Hastings, Torbay and Weymouth, others which featured in the list included the Isle of Wight and Eastbourne.

Further research would be needed in order to work out whether the sea itself was a factor but it is more likely to be connected to the fact that seaside towns are often seasonal towns, with a lot of visitors in summer but much quieter with less going on in winter, which impacts on seasonal incomes. They are often areas with high deprivation with money worries being regularly cited as the cause of conflict within relationships. So, if you do like to be beside the seaside, it’s probably worth checking in with your spouse to make sure they agree!

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