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As of 20 June this year, it is an offence to be the registered keeper of uninsured vehicles. This is a change from the previous offence of ‘driving when uninsured’. The keeper of a vehicle now has a duty to insure their vehicle at all times.

The DVLA and Motor Insurers’ Bureau are working in partnership to identify uninsured vehicles. If a registered keeper’s vehicle is found to be uninsured, they will be sent a letter warning them that their vehicle appears to be uninsured and that if they do not take action they will be fined.

If the keeper does not take action at this point, the fine will be £100. If their vehicle remains uninsured (whether the fine has been paid or not) the vehicle can be clamped, seized and destroyed (if it is on public land) or court action may be taken, with the registered keeper facing another fine, this time of up to £1,000.

Seized uninsured vehicles will be released when evidence that the registered keeper is no longer committing an offence has been provided and the driver can show they have insurance in place to drive the vehicle away.

A registered keeper can still contact the DVLA to complete a Statutory Off Road Notice (SORN) to declare their vehicle is off the road. A vehicle with a valid SORN does not need insurance.

To check – free of charge – that your vehicle is insured and has been recorded correctly, visit the askMID website