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Many of our clients are living with the long term effects of brain injury. Like many groups with an underlying long term health condition this is a frightening time and they feel particularly vulnerable. The challenges that Covid-19 brings to everyone can be magnified if you live with the long term consequences of a brain injury.

The social change; the speed of that change and the ability to be able to adapt to an ever altering situation are real challenges for those who live with a brain injury. Being able to follow your daily routine is very important when you live with a brain injury but that is now difficult to manage and may be impossible whilst following government advice. The social isolation that comes with lockdown can also exacerbate and increase behavioural, emotional and psychological issues that an individual may struggle with following brain injury.

If a person is feeling unwell then the effects of brain injury such as fatigue, memory and concentration problems can be enhanced. Social isolation can also put a great strain on families particularly if they are identified as being extremely vulnerable and advised to self-isolate for 12 weeks.

For brain injury survivors and their families that rely on the invaluable support of local Headway groups; they have had to suspend face to face services in accordance with the governments advice but they are finding positive and alternative ways to support. We are proud to support Headway the brain injury association, who continue to provide support via it’s helpline which remains open on 0808 800 2244; and by email – [email protected]. They also have a charity online forum. Health Unlocked.