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Amendments to the Untraced Drivers’ Agreement 2003

By Vicky Priestley, Associate, Insurance Litigation: Claimant Department

Earlier this year, the Untraced Drivers’ Agreement 2003 was amended further.

The Second Supplementary Agreement includes the following changes:

  • Claims for property damage where the offending vehicle has been identified are no longer subject to a £300 excess;
  • Where an offending vehicle remains unidentified, the Motor Insurers’ Bureau will consider claims for property damage but only where the applicant is pursuing a claim for significant personal injury. Significant personal injury is defined as being “bodily injury resulting in death or for which four days or more of consecutive in-patient treatment was given in hospital, the treatment commencing within 30 days of the accident.”  These claims will be subject to the £300 excess;
  • The maximum amount payable in one single claim for property damage has risen to £1 million.

The Second Supplementary Agreement applies to accidents that occurred on or after 15 April 2011.

Posted on Aug 15th, 2011 by Lyons Davidson

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