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Throughout March and April, teams of staff from all our offices across the country attempted to maximise the profit they could make from a £10 business loan, with all proceeds going to our partner charity the Alzheimer’s Society.

From this initial investment, the industriousness and inventiveness of the teams saw the money multiply through Tuck Trucks filled with sweets, spa treatments, bake sales and breakfast breakfast deliveries to desks. There were also pay-to-pie events, dog naming contests, tarot card readings, book sales, Easter egg, juice stalls, quizzes, bespoke cakes, silent auctions, samosa sales and bingo.

The three teams who generated the most cash for the Alzheimer’s Society were:

  • Sugar & Spice in Leeds, captained by Mohammad Yusuf, who raised £472.15;
  • Victorious Secret in Leeds (captained by Mevani Jagodage), who raised £304.53;
  • Rolling Scones in Bristol (captained by Daisy Long), who raised £300.47.

Congratulations must also be extended to all the teams who took part: LD Lions in Edinburgh; the LD Umbrella Company in Bristol; the Yorkshire Puddings in Leeds; Mindo’s Corner Shop in Solihull; MIB in Bristol House; LITty Committee in Solihull; Money Men in Bristol House; Meruit in Queen Square; the Divas of Development in Queen Square; the Magic of MOJ in Cardiff.

entrepreneur challenge

The ultimate winner in this is our partner charity the Alzheimer’s Society, who will receive an amazing £2547.53 as a result of all our teams’ outstanding efforts, with an added donation from the business of all the starter loans that were originally given to each team, bringing the grand total to £2687.53. The money we raised will help fund information and resources about the disease, education and vital services to people with dementia, their carers and loved ones in many forms. These include support workers, Dementia Cafés and singing sessions.

For more information on Lyons Davidson’s charity activities, visit the Fundraising section of our website.