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On Monday, 14 May, Headway published the results of their research into the position of support for carers. The brain injury association carried out its survey of carers of people with brain injury throughout the UK, looking in particular at the burden of caring and the quality of life that carers experience.
Headway reports some of the key outcomes of the research as follows:

  • 60% of brain injury carers feel they do not receive adequate support in their caring duties;
  • Just 7% of brain injury carers receive help from social workers in their caring duties;
  • Only 27% of brain injury carers have received a carer’s assessment;
  • Almost half (49.5%) of respondents were unaware they were entitled to a carer’s assessment, despite the legal requirement for local authorities to ensure that carers are made aware of the right to this assessment;
  • Just 24% of brain injury carers are satisfied with their own health (and a worrying 8% say they are “very dissatisfied” with it);
  • 18% of brain injury carers rate their quality of life as “poor” or “very poor”;
  • 59% show signs of clinical depression, with 21% in the “severe” or “extremely severe” range;
  • 71% of respondents have experienced deterioration in their financial situation since commencing caring duties;
  • 73% of brain injury carers do not receive a carer’s allowance;
  • 78% of those who do receive a carer’s allowance are still worse off financially.

The research also examined the level of burden experienced by brain injury carers. The results indicated a significant burden, which could negatively impact on health and increased levels of stress, anxiety and despression.

Headway’s survey highlights the day-to-day difficulties faced by those who care for people with brain injuries. Headway are highlighting these difficulties during Action for Brain Injury Week 2012, whose focus this year is on carers of those with brain injury.

For more information on the survey and the work Headway does for carers, visit the Headway website.

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