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Filestream is at the centre of our business. It is a fully integrated file management system, created in-house by our own IT teams to streamline the needs of the insurance industry and commercial legal businesses.

Filestream has been developed by mining the legal knowledge and expertise within Lyons Davidson. It provides users with the workflows, precedents and data capture necessary to carry out all the insurance, litigation and legal tasks they need to do, linking up with management tools that deliver daily online information to provide a total business process management service.

Filestream is constantly evolving to grow with the requirements of busy commercial practices.

What Filestream delivers

  • Case-level input and onscreen prompts
  • To do lists
  • Secure activities that ensure service standard compliance
  • Document creation, storage, retrieval and review
  • Email integration
  • Time review capability
  • Writing to accounting systems
  • Easy user access
  • Global-level detail for recording system-wide information
  • Database of all involvement in a case
  • Complete list of courts and large insurer database

Workflow management

Filestream’s detailed workflows can be easily tailored to clients’ needs, prompting users to complete all the necessary stages of a file and linking to a central to-do list that alerts users and supervisors to any activities that are outstanding or due for completion.

Each workflow is created by Lyons Davidson’s content committee, where senior solicitors and claims handlers meet monthly to ensure everything complies with the rules in the relevant areas of law and with service standards. They are also reviewed by our in-house Compliance and Audit team.

Management Information

All our clients work with their own dedicated MI manager, who answers questions, analyses information or provides raw data for review. Reports are available in different formats:

  • Arrays: file information is displayed through web-based array viewers, allowing users to filter data, drill down within datasets, link to live files and build their own reports from the array
  • Live reporting: clients can interrogate live Filestream data via the extranet 24/7
  • Excel reports: providing monthly data snapshots
  • Bespoke data transfer: exporting in formats such as .xml or .csv so MI can be loaded into other systems

Improved performance

Rule Manager makes completion, planning, amendment and deletion of Filestream activity simple. It increases efficiency by automating standard tasks, providing users with the correct next steps to follow and analysing data to alert users and supervisors to exceptions.

Project management

Because we developed Filestream in-house and use it ourselves, we can deliver innovative answers to our clients’ technological and legal questions. Examples of projects we have delivered include:

  • Filestream design and installation on-site for claims handling and outlay recovery
  • Hosting an online assessment system for use by engineers, arboriculturalists, claims handlers and solicitors to assess claims-recovery potential for subsidence caused by tree roots
  • Hosting of expert database shared by panel firms and insurers nationally

Our Experts

Fraser Clark

Fraser Clark

Head of IT

Email: [email protected]

Direct Dial: 0117 904 5752

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