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St Peter’s Hospice Challenge: An Abseiler’s Account

On 20 November, I and three other people from Lyons Davidson took part in a sponsored abseil to raise money for St Peter’s Hospice.

Our group consisted of me, Sarah Rees, Kirsty Reed and Laurence Twiselton, all from various groups within the company. The challenge itself involved abseiling 185 ft down one of Bristol’s tallest buildings – the Premier Inn in the city centre.

Our slot was booked for 11:30 and we arrived just as the first group were being put into their harnesses. There were six in a group and ours included the Chief Executive of St Peter’s Hospice, Sandie Foxhall-Smith.

After a short briefing session, we were all kitted out with harnesses and safety gear and we made our way up all 17 floors of the hotel and out onto the rooftop. Sarah and myself were the first two to go, as the actual abseil was done in pairs. After further reassurances and some encouragement, Sarah made the first climb over the side – “don’t look down!” was the predominant thought at this stage. I followed shortly behind and began to climb down the building. Sarah began to speed up as I enjoyed a slower descent – the hardest part was trying to keep my feet on the wall.

I had a quick look down to see how far I had gone and found I was only half way there; Sarah at this point was practically at the bottom and I followed her to lots of cheers and applause from the large crowd who had turned up to support us. Sandie and Kirsty were next, followed by the last pair in our group, which included Lawrence.

It was an exhilarating experience – and not as hard as it initially seemed. Between the four of us we managed to raise just under £,1000 and, as we were only one group of 60 people who took part, it proved to be a very good event for the charity!

Posted on Nov 28th, 2011 by Lyons Davidson