Injuries caused by faulty goods

Faulty products can cause accidents that lead to injuries. For example, you were climbing a stepladder and the rung you were standing on snapped or your toaster caught fire and burned your hand. What can you do when a faulty product you bought injures you?

The situation can be complex, as many of the items we buy are made abroad. This could create a serious problem if you wanted to claim for injury from a manufacturer in China. However, there are laws that can help.

The Consumer Protection Act 1987 gives you possible action against:

  • The producer of a faulty product
  • Anyone who puts their name or trademark on a product so that they appear to be the producer
  • Any business who imports a product into a EU member state from outside the EU

This is a particularly helpful piece of legislation, as it means you can pursue the importer of a product that was made abroad and you do not have to sue the foreign manufacturer.

When you make a claim, you have to prove there was a defect with the product. What do the courts regard as a ‘defective’ product for a claimant to succeed in a claim? In some cases, the defect will be clear from the way in which the product did not work, especially if it is brand new or a recently purchased item. In other cases, an expert’s report might be needed (for example, from an engineer) to examine the product and give an opinion as to exactly what caused the failure and whether it was the result of a product fault.

Accident and personal injury claims solicitors

Our specialist lawyers are here to help you with your claim. We will tell you who the appropriate defendant is to send your claim to and whether expert evidence will be needed.

We will advise you about ways of funding your claim and in many cases offer to act on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. We also give a free initial consultation. To discuss making a claim for your injury email Christopher Kemp or phone 0117 904 5756

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