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Use LD Online to create documents that help with tough situations you might face in everyday life. Whether you need a legal document to protect your future interests (such as a will) or a letter template so you can make a complaint (for example, to get a refund for faulty goods or to demand that a neighbour stops trespassing), LD Online has documents for every situation, that can be tailored to your needs.

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The benefit of LD Online is that it is:

  • Convenient: create your document online, whenever you want, at your own pace;
  • Easy to access: view and work on documents or create new ones at a time convenient for you;
  • Bespoke: each document is tailored exactly to your needs;
  • Easy to use: the question-and-answer format guides you each step of the way;
  • Trustworthy: all our documents have been developed by lawyers who are specialists in the field and are updated to reflect changes in law;
  • Secure: all your details will be stored to globally recognised and accredited security standards;
  • Value for money: you know what your document will cost right from the start.

Use LD Online safe in the knowledge that you will get back-up from Lyons Davidson’s experts, including:

  • In-depth guidance notes for each document, written by specialist lawyers;
  • An explanation of legal terms relating to your document.

LD Online provides a range of documents that covers commonplace situations for which you are likely to need a helping hand, including:

  • Home life and housing;
  • Banks and personal finance;
  • Family and relationships;
  • Shops and services;
  • Working and employment.

Once you sign up, your details will be stored securely, saving you time on your next visit. Before you start a new document, you can see an example to make sure it is suitable for your needs and, once you have paid using a credit or debit card, you can download your document instantly as a pdf. We will also email your document to you.

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If we have given you access to Client Extra, you simply need to enter the username and password we sent you.

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