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Client Testimonial

It is the Brake Road Safety Week this week and we have heard from one of our clients Kirsty about her experience with the charity.

“This has become a particularly special time for me after losing my Dad suddenly in a road traffic collision in August 2018 when he was  just 54 years old.

Losing my Dad in this way has been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with, it came with no warning and no goodbyes.   However, after plucking up the courage to contact Brake I finally felt like I wasn’t alone anymore, I had someone to talk to, someone that understood how I was feeling, someone that could help me not just with emotional support but also support with upcoming events such as information about the inquest or preparing me for court days.  Brake was able to make sure there was someone to look after us before court, during and after.

They gave me fantastic advice and were great at listening to me when I was a blubbering mess! They never judged me and it made me feel better, as sometimes it is hard to speak to your family. Sometimes you feel like you’re a broken record and that everyone else is bored of talking about it.

 Brake was there to listen by email or telephone which ever I felt was best for me at the time, anytime. If they hadn’t heard from me for a little while they’d email or phone to check in.

They are a fantastic charity and I couldn’t praise or thank them enough!  There are two staff members in particular that I would like to thank and they are Veronica and Gary.

Through speaking to Brake I also found Lyons Davidson Solicitors. I sent an email, explained the situation and the lovely Rachel got in contact with me and we arranged a home visit. Since that home visit we knew we were in safe hands with Rachel and she has been just that. At our every beck and call even through this crazy time of lock down we  could still speak to her using Zoom!

I can’t thank her enough too!

Brake & Lyons Davidson have all made this horrendous time (which is still going on) that much easier to deal with. Without you guys I honestly don’t know how I would have gotten through it all.”

Posted on Nov 20th, 2020 by Anthony Heywood

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