Pension trusteeship

Lyons Davidson Trustee Company Ltd

Pension trusteeship requires effective risk management. Employing the services of a professional pension scheme trustee company ensures the achievement of a balanced approach to the various potentially conflicting areas of the operation of a trust. Engaging an independent trustee means that:

  • There are no conflicts of interest that would confront individuals who are also officers of a sponsoring employer;
  • A great deal of management time is saved;
  • A body with a professional duty of care (and requisite indemnity insurance) will be responsible for the stewardship of the interests of the members of the pension scheme.

Professional trustee

Lyons Davidson Trustee Company Ltd has been acting as a professional trustee for over 20 years. All of its directors are solicitors, with its activities supported by the pension law department of Lyons Davidson Ltd. This means that Lyons Davidson Trustee Company Ltd can act for all types of arrangements, including those being wound up. Responsibility for the successful running of the trust is always allocated to a named director, who also oversees compliance with statutory governance standards.

Pension scheme services

Lyons Davidson Trustee Company Ltd has established a network of suppliers of pension scheme services and monitors their delivery against standards and targets, with our supervisory processes accredited under the ICAEW Audit and Assurance Faculty. Thus, the allocation of resources is controlled with maximum effect. Involving Lyons Davidson Trustee Company Ltd means that employers can be assured that their pension scheme functions at a highly professional standard and with due containment of associated costs.

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