LD HR+ your business

Has an employee raised a grievance?

Does a manager want to discipline an employee?

Does your business need to go through a redundancy process?

Is one of your employees on long-term sickness absence?

We are here to offer the employment law advice and support you need.  We ensure our clients feel secure and in capable hands when faced with employment law issues like these.  We will provide you with:

  • Clarity: about the law, your risks, options and costs
  • Expertise: specialist employment solicitors with proven experience
  • Partnership: working with you to provide the outcome that is best for you

You will be assigned a specialist employment solicitor as your key point of contact, who will make it their business to know your business. Because we understand the issues you face, we can provide you with high-quality, relevant and focused advice.

How We Can Help

Disciplinary and grievance processes

Is there an employee who needs to be disciplined or one who has raised a grievance? We will guide you from start to finish on the steps to take.  With seemingly so many rules and procedures that need to be followed, getting the process right can be daunting. We will remove the stress by giving you clear, commercial advice coupled with the documentation you need to manage the process from start to finish.

Redundancy and collective consultation

Redundancy can be an emotional and difficult time for both employers and employees.

We will consult with you about the strategic issues affecting restructures and the procedures and processes to be followed.  We also provide the documentation required to make sure that your business is not unduly affected by this significant challenge.

Executive severance

Has your business reached the end of the road with a senior member of staff?

We can guide you through the important strategic issues connected with executive severance.  We will advise you on the merits of issues such as garden leave and notice pay while at the same time considering how best to protect your business interests, including the use of restrictive covenants.

Transfer of undertakings

Is your business affected by the TUPE regulations?

TUPE can be a potential minefield for employers.  We can advise you on the applicability of TUPE to your business transactions and highlight the risks to your business and steps you can take to minimise that risk.  We provide the blueprint to lead you through the TUPE information and consultation process.

Union recognition and collective issues

Have you received a request for union recognition?  Do you have union issues in your business?

We can advise you on handling union recognition requests, guide you through negotiations and prepare your case for presentation at the CAC.  We can also advise on other collective issues, including pay negotiation and industrial disputes.

Contractual amendments

Do you need to amend, update or harmonise your employees’ terms and conditions?

If you find yourself in this position we can advise on the strategies to adopt to achieve the change your business requires.

Pay and benefits

Pay and benefits are often emotive issues with staff and our team is experienced at advising clients on the implications of wholesale changes to employee benefits packages.

We have experience in advising on pensions, PHI and life cover.

For some clients we maintain day-to -day contact with HR professionals and managers in their organisations; other clients just want ad hoc advice when it’s required.  How you choose to use our service is entirely up to you.

Talk to us or email us to discuss your requirements.

Our Experts

Employment law partner David Leslie

David Leslie

Leeds Employment Law Partner

Email: [email protected]

Direct Dial: 0113 368 7804

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