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LD HR+ is an employment law package designed to help you manage the risk and costs associated with being an employer. Our annual fixed-fee subscription package provides you with confidence during this time of economic uncertainty and austerity.

You can plan your legal spend into annual budgets, so that employment issues can be dealt with as and when they arise throughout the year, all for one fixed-fee price.  Lyons Davidson’s experienced employment law team provide you with tailored advice, so that you can manage your workforce while achieving business objectives. It makes practical and commercial sense to seek advice before embarking on a proposed course of action.

With LD HR+, you can speak to our employment specialists whenever an employment issue arises, ensuring you minimise risk and avoid damaging claims. LD HR+ provides help, guidance, reassurance and advice to businesses through a complete audit, telephone helpline, employment updates and training.  We also offer insurance cover both for the legal costs of representation at a tribunal and any compensation that might be awarded*.

Find out more information about LD HR+, please do not hesitate to contact us.

*subject to terms and conditions

Our Experts

Jessica Baden-Daintree (Waterlow)

Bristol Employment Law Partner


Direct Dial: 0117 904 5780

Employment law partner David Leslie

David Leslie

Leeds Employment Law Partner


Direct Dial: 0113 368 7804

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