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Asbestos-related diseases


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  • A malignant tumour usually found in the lining of the lung but sometimes found in the abdomen or around the heart.
  • The only known cause of mesothelioma is exposure to asbestos.
  • It can take 15-60 years after you inhaled the asbestos for symptoms to arise.
  • You can develop mesothelioma after very small amounts of exposure to asbestos – contact with fibres only once can be enough.
  • Your employer owed you a duty to protect you from mesothelioma.

Lung cancer

  • There are several different types of cancer of the lung and they can have different causes.
  • People whose exposure to asbestos was quite heavy have a higher risk of developing lung cancer, especially if they have been smokers.
  • If you have been diagnosed with lung cancer and have experienced exposure to asbestos in the past, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.  


  • Asbestosis is the scarring of the lungs caused by inhaling large amounts of asbestos.  It results in extreme breathlessness.
  • Scarring of the lungs, or pulmonary fibrosis, can have several causes: exposure to asbestos is only one.
  • It can be difficult to prove a connection between asbestos and pulmonary fibrosis.
  • People who suffer from asbestosis have had heavy exposure to asbestos, usually over a relatively long period of time.

Pleural thickening

  • Thickening of the membrane lining the lungs.
  • Can cause restrictions on breathing.
  • Only attracts compensation if it is causing significant disability.

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